Becker Supply is Open for Business

Becker Supply is Open for Business

Leena Becker
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Becker Supply is Open for Business

“We are very community-driven, and we believe Bottleworks will be a place for the culture of Indianapolis to grow and thrive."

Leena Becker, co-owner

Becker Supply is open for business at The Garage Food Hall that occupies two of the historic Coca-Cola bottling plant’s original garage buildings, just steps from the 139-key Bottleworks Hotel, which opened December 15. Akin to the hotel, The Garage sports masterfully restored Art Deco terra-cotta facades and design features that pay homage to the District’s rich history. More than 20 independently owned local and regional food vendors will take up residence in the 38,000-square-foot marketplace, offering a variety of culinary styles and flavors.

Becker Supply's 1,000 square feet of outdoor inspired apparel and accessories can be found on the North East corner of the building beside Poke Guru.

Through the intense lockdowns of COVID19 throughout our city, county, and world we waited almost a year for our store to be ready to open and today is the day. We are finally open to the public so come out and explore our selection as well as some delicious food out in the Garage Food Hall.

We had a blast setting up the store, check out some photos from our journey!



You can find us at:

906 Carrollton Avenue Ste 305
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

(Located inside the Garage Food Hall)

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