We are the Middaugh's

We are the Middaugh's

Leena Middaugh Leena Middaugh
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We are The Middaugh's!

We are excited you're here to learn more about the family that is behind Becker Supply, the Middaugh's! We work tirelessly to not only build a brand and legacy for our kids but we also work hard to experience the world around us and show our girls those adventures. Social media may make all of those things look easy but don't let that fool you it is a lot of work to bring meaning and purpose to life.

It all started in a screenprint shop...

...in 2015, big surprise!


As our relationship grew my (now) husband Jake and myself (Leena) always put a lot of value on experiences, we enjoyed traveling to different places together and a lot of that time following our favorite lower level hockey team from Indiana. Go Komets! We have never had a lot of extra spending money, like most millenials, we spent a lot of our early years together paying off debts to then save up to buy our first home together. Any extra money we had went to traveling and spending time, honestly, away from our home and hometown Indianapolis. We have two Australian Cattle Dog's that love to travel with us, Riley and Aspen.

In the spring of 2020 when the COVID19 pandemic hit, it hit us hard like it did most people. We both were laid off of our full time jobs at the screen print shop we met in. We are not people that can sit around and let life happen around us so we made the call to buy our own screen print equipment in order to keep printing Becker Supply Co and take custom orders. Our retail store was already being built at this point so we knew eventually we'd have a retail store but it was really really hard to see that day coming. Our equipment was available for pickup in Pheonix, Arizona so we decided to pack up a weeks worth of food, our dogs and hit the road to only stop at gas stations, camp sites (that we booked through hipcamp) the pickup location and I will admit a Whattaburger when we got out west. When we got home we set up our shop in our garage, hunkered down and then began the longest time we'd ever spend in Indiana. In January of 2021 our retail store finally opened and Indianapolis jumped on board to fully support the opening of all the small businesses. The week we opened our store I got double pregnant with our beautiful identical twin girls, Lenora (Lenny) and Maxine (Max). The girls have spent a lot of time right alongside us while we work which is much easier said than done.

We long awaited a trip away from Indy and in July 2022 we finally got out and we went as a family! We couldn't have been more excited to take the girls on their first adventure. We spent 16 days away overlanding our way to and from Montana. And so, the adventure of the Middaugh family begins, we are willing (and now know) able to travel and share our adventures with everyone. New experiences are what we live for, we hope to use Becker Supply Co to inspire you to travel and explore.

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