We are all a Parks Person, no matter how you experience your park you are doing it just the right way! Enjoy your own Parks Person apparel and accessories that will benefit The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis

The Parks Person scent will transport you right into the park mid-summer with notes of leaves, lemongrass and moss.

  • 100% Soy 
  • 72 Burn Hours

Created & Crafted in Indianapolis, Indiana

More about The Parks Alliance:

We have teamed up with The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis to share their mission to believe in the power of public spaces to transform a city. Our parks, trails, greenways, and urban farms are more than amenities. They define us. They are a reminder of our priorities. They are a point of pride for those who live here. And, they are memorable for those who are just passing through.

We believe a city is only as great as its public spaces, and Indianapolis benefits from a sustained focus on its parks system. Because when our spaces are open and accessible, our city is too.

A portion of profits goes directly to the Parks Alliance as well as any tips left through our checkout portal. 

If you'd also like to donate to the Parks Alliance to support our public spaces do so here.

Please re-use your container


1. Once you’ve finished burning your candle, fill the container with HOT water and let sit for 5-10 minutes. NOTE: This step is optional, but it makes the process a lot easier! The hot water will soften the small amount of wax leftover and loosen the wick clip from the base of the container.

2. Pour out the water and remove the wick clip(s) from the bottom. With Step 1, this should be relatively easy.

3. Once the wick clip(s) are removed, begin cleaning the container. Our soy wax is 100% water soluble; simply use warm water and soap to thoroughly clean the inside. NOTE: If you are planning on recycling your container, it must be completely cleaned and the label removed.

4. When your container has been thoroughly cleaned out and rinsed, it is ready for re-use. Don’t be afraid to get creative!