Re-Branding; What it Means to Us and for You

Our Re-branding

From Northern Pine to Becker Supply 

Hello Friends! You must be wondering why we have decided to rebrand and what that means for our new mission and vision of Becker Supply Co??

First of all, if you are here, thank you for reading and continuing (or starting!) to support us in our adventures we truly appreciate it and we really lean on our supporters to help tell our story.

We are extremely excited to be announcing our new name and branding with Becker Supply Co and here are a few reasons why we decided to go in a new direction.

  1. We wanted something we can be proud of. When Northern Pine Co started we really had no idea it would be something we would still be doing five years later. It was started as a passion but the love of truly branding the identity was not put in. As the years went by and together we built up the brand and the mission of NPCO we realized the day to day of running a company was taking a front seat while the branding was taking a backseat. We wanted to take control and really spend the love our company deserves when it comes to building a meaningful brand.  
  2. We wanted something our supporters want to stand behind. In the same vein as my first point we wanted to create a brand that would be visually meaningful to our supporters. A visual identity that is truly consistent with a brand guideline that helps to boost and support our mission.
  3. We wanted something that really stood for us. As the owners, Becker Supply is truly an extension of myself and Jake. The name Becker is currently my last name and will always have a deep family heritage for us. Family and heritage are both something that are extremely important to the both of us and to be able to mesh that into the brand of our company means a lot to us. 

Through all of these desires we decided it was time for a change! We allowed ourselves the time and energy to build a brand we love by bringing in some help. We wanted to be able to focus on the decision making of the rebrand instead of always having our hands in the design bowl. Some of you may not know this but Jake and myself are both creative people, Jake studied Graphic Design and Business at International Business College in Fort Wayne and I (Leena) studied Visual Communications at IUPUI’s Herron School of Art and Design. We love design and this has proved as an obstacle for us when it comes to running a business and trying to make design decisions. Creating a true brand guideline was key for us and our success because this enables us to make quicker design decisions so we can focus our energy on running our business. 

Through combining our passions and our goals we have created a brand we can stand behind, live through and use as a springboard for our creativity. 

The mission of Becker Supply is very similar to what we strived for as NPCO and is as follows: 

  1. Advocating for the wilderness; the trees, air, water and our planet don’t have a voice of their own. We need to be that voice.
  2. Promoting health; mind, body and spirit. Every thing we do should have meaning because all actions have a reaction.
  3. Supporting the adventurist lifestyle, through a visual brand we can all share our passion for the outdoors.

We are so grateful that we took the time to find out what we really wanted our brand to look like and stand for so that we can move forward to create meaning. We are happy to be in a place where we want to stand up for our brand and tell our story. We are incredibly proud to own a company with such a strong mission to do good in and for this world we all live in. 

A couple parter shout outs are to Pez & Pencil (logo and lettering) and TDR Media (Photography). Both of these companies have been great partners to us and come highly recommended. If you are interested in working with us please reach out at and we would love to have a conversation with you!

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