Becker Supply Co is an outdoor lifestyle brand with a philanthropic mindset.
Our mission stands on three pillars; Advocating for the Wilderness: we strive to be a voice for our planet, Promoting Health: we believe in taking advantage of our earth to benefit our physical and mental health, and Supporting Adventure: we want our brand to be an inspiration to share love of the outdoors together.


We are a members of 1% for the Planet, we currently are donating toward The National Forest Foundation through the end of the year.

You will also find efforts throughout the year that benefit local organizations with the products that we create and sell. Current partnerships include The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis and Sustainable Cycling.



Leena is Co-Founder of Becker Supply Co. She has a background in Experience Design and the creative side of the custom apparel industry. Leena's passion for great branding, comfortable apparel and creating meaning within branding drives her vision and mission of Becker Supply.


Jake is Co-Founder of Becker Supply Co. He has been deeply ingrained in the custom apparel industry from screen printing to operations for the past 10+ years. Jake equally loves working hard and creating new experiences. He is what drives Becker Supply to operate effectively + with meaning every day.