The National Forest Foundation


A part of Becker Supply Co’s mission statement has always stated: Advocate for the Wilderness. Partnering with The National Forest Foundation’s their mission statement falls in line perfectly with what Becker Supply is achieving: “Bring people together to restore and enhance our National Forests & Grasslands.”

The NFF has planted more than 25 tree species and more than 18,000 acres have been restored. Since Becker Supply Co has partnered with The NFF they have helped add to those numbers with continuous community support. Whether a small or large purchase, it still plants a tree. 

On behalf of the support and purchases made at Becker Supply Co and other world wide contributors The NFF leads in forest conservation efforts. They also believe in the lands they’re saving and creating are an American Treasure. 


We are all connected by our forests. Whether it be urban cities to rural towns to the suburbs. The NFF is actively investing in our forests for today and our future generations. Planting trees from pine forests of Florida to the cedar groves of Alaska. 


You can help plant a tree at:

906 Carrollton Avenue Ste 305
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

(Located inside the Garage Food Hall)

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