Pop-Up, Pop-Out

That's a Wrap on 2019's Holiday Pop-Up!

Becker Supply Co. Pop-Up Pop-Out

Our pop-up shop at the Fashion Mall at Keystone is coming to a close and as I sit here writing this post we are one week away from our last open day. We have learned so much, grown better at our jobs and now have many more new ideas and opportunities ahead of us.

Handing Out Many Thanks

We have been handed the trust of many other small business owners to take their products into our shop and help them sell their very special and one of a kind items. Now it is our turn to publicly offer our gratitude to each and every one of you because we know exactly how challenging it can be to trust others with your handcrafted products.

Foxcraft Goods owned by Ashton provided us with our amazingly scented soaps along with her other handcrafted bath and body products. Alongside her awesome product, she also added an extra special touch to our pop-up shop. If you made it into our shop it is more likely than not that Ashton helped you to find your perfect holiday gift or checked you out at the register. We owe her many praises for making this pop-up shop run as smoothly as it did! You can find her products at her website or follow her social media accounts to get all the latest news on product launches.

PUP (People for Urban Progress) came into our store as a completely unexpected partnership that we couldn't be more appreciative for. PUP has such a great community-driven mission that we find easy to jump right on board with. They create absolutely beautiful repurposed products including bags, wallets, wristlets and many others. Their products can be found on their website or at their awesome warehouse in Indianapolis that we highly recommend visiting!

Broad Ripple Candle Company has supplied our store with so many good smells! They stocked our store full of outdoor scented candles as well as crafting a special Becker Supply Co scent that we kept burning in the shop to give it an amazing outdoors-ey smell. We are so insanely grateful for their late-night deliveries to keep all our customers happy. They offer great customer service so either find them around town at markets or visit their website to get yourself some smell goods!

Veital Designs stocked our store with their handy and expert designed lids. These lids have become a staple in our lives as outdoor lovers and adventurers. We have been working with Veital since the very very beginning and want to do our part to continue spreading the word on their amazing product. If you missed this product in-store, want more information or need to get your friend one because you fell just as hard into love with these as we did you can find them on their website

MountInspire brought stunning handmade jewlery into our pop-up and onto your body! These unique pieces are made by a long time friend from her shop out in the beautiful western state of Colorado. These and other pieces can be found on their Etsy page where you can even get yourself a monthly one of a kind bracelet subscription. 

Sky Outfitters was able to give our shop some super fun and mission powered socks! We love so many things about Sky including that they are a small Indianapolis owned business that loves to give back just like we do! We are so excited Sky joined us during this pop-up shop journey and we were able to help spread their mission through the city. You can also find their goods on their website for purchase.

The Rugged Company has been a part of our steps through business becoming very good friends over the years. We continuously appreciate their passion to curate scents for every type of person. They helped us to create our beard oil, shampoo, lotion and soap products.  Keep an eye out for more products like these through 2020!

Goodbye 2019, Party Time

As we look back we have officially been popped up at the Fashion mall for nearly three months, 87 days to be exact that we got to share our mission with the fine folk at The Fashion Mall. During this time we expanded our product line to include recent favorites like the Plant a Tree Collection, Pines Tee and the ROAM crewneck! We met tons of people from Indiana and beyond, and shared with our customers our love of nature. We heard many stories of life-changing hikes, family trips spent outdoors, and eager plans to travel out west, outside, or abroad. This part was probably the best thing to come of the whole experience; we got to know our customers on a personal level. So, thank you to each and every one of you that came out to check out the pop-up shop! You all are the real MVP of our holiday season.

Last but not least, we were able to hold our first ever event in our space. We celebrated New Years Eve with the astoundingly talented The Bergamot and Bee Coffee Roasters. We filled this store to close out an amazing year with good smells, passionate outdoors-men and music lovers. We had a blast and have plans to continue into 2020 with fun events for all of us to gather.

Packing-In and Packing-Out

We are so excited to pack up and pack out to our next big adventure here in Indianapolis! We look forward to continue supplying our followers with awesome outdoor inspired apparel. We hope you continue to be a part of our journey in 2020 as we will have a lot of news to come very soon! The most exciting news to close out this short-term lease is a long term impact to our planet. Through your support and spending your hard earned money with us we have planted over 1,000 trees through the National Forest Foundation since the opening of this pop-up shop! (1,003 as I write this now)! Thank you for supporting our mission to advocate for the wilderness, promote health and support adventure.

Becker Supply Co. Pop-Up Pop_Out

One Last-Last Thing, We Are Growing!

We have updated our website to also include a job board, please share these jobs if you know someone in the area that may be the perfect fit. 

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