What is Becker Supply Co?


The short and sweet is that we are an outdoor inspired brand with a philanthropic mission.

But a company is never so cut and dry and especially not so when you have two creatives running it! First of all Becker Supply loves the outdoors and we strive to support the outdoor lifestyle any way we can. We plant a tree for every purchase and we make special designs to support different environmental organizations. But, really Becker Supply Co is an extension of us, the owners. We are the creators and complete advocates of the brand, we strive to build up our brand around our ideals. 


Something the founder Jake has always lived by is the mission to be true to yourself or “stay true” and this is something that we always keep in the back of our minds with Becker Supply. It is a driving force for where we go, what we create, how we communicate and in turn how we represent our brand.

But with all small companies we had to start somewhere other than a cool idea to chat about over local craft beer.

Becker Supply Co originally started in 2014 by founder Jacob “Jake” Middaugh and was called Northern Pine Co. The brand had the same environmental awareness but was just the baby starter of the true vision that Jake and myself (Leena) had for the years to come. I, Leena Becker, came on the scene in 2015 and not only became Jake’s partner in life but also the co-owner of Becker Supply Co (Northern Pine Co at the time). Together we worked to make the company more than just a t-shirt line while also working full time together at our day jobs. When it comes to working together, we know how it goes. Like everything we’ve ever set out to do that is worth anything, it is a challenge.


Northern Pine Co officially transitioned into Becker Supply Co in August of 2019 and we had great big exciting plans for what our new brand could become and what we would be able to offer the adventurer. From the very beginning we had a simple idea; fuse our passion for the outdoors and our lifelong goal of working for ourselves in a meaningful way. 

Through combining our passions and our goals we have created a brand we can stand behind, live through and use as a springboard for our creativity. 

  1. Advocating for the wilderness; the trees, air and our planet don’t have a voice of their own. We need to be that voice.
  2. Promoting health; mind, body and spirit. Every thing we do should have meaning because all actions have a reaction.
  3. Supporting the adventurist lifestyle, through a visual brand we can all share our passion for the outdoors.
Jake and myself are incredibly proud to run a company we can stand behind and we hope to create an environment for you to stand behind us as well! We hope this post helps you understand a little more about who we are and why we do what we do. 


We are always looking to innovate and meet new people who can help us create a world we all want to live in. If you hear something from us that moves you please reach out to us and start a conversation! 

Email us at Beckersupply@gmail.com, send us a message on our website,

or reach out to us on twitter or instagram @beckersupply

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